How to Lose a Country

“One truth is that you cannot really know what populism is until you experience it. Populism is the act of politicising and mobilising ignorance to the point of political and moral insanity.”

“Thanks to social media, we are constantly faced with the worst side of human beings – but often we are shielded from seeing the other side, the good, the wholeness of the human story… we’ve come to expect outrage and to feel appalled – but we have to realise politics is not about evil and crazy, it’s about real human communication. […] I’ve often thought that maybe there is a certain hormone in human beings that we can only produce it when we are face to face. And it’s the hormone of shame…”

Intervju med den turkiska författaren Ece Temelkuran. Om politik, men mycket mer än så. Briljant.